Put On Your Best Yarmulke

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Put On Your Best Yarmulke

Published on November 07, 2006 with No Comments

President George Bush wearing a YarmulkeA 16-year-old student from New York is inviting Jews and non-Jews to put on a head covering and make December 22, National Yarmulke Day.

The teenager known as Dan T from New Paltz is looking to involve as many people as possible and is looking to enlist the power of bloggers to get his day better known.

His previous attempt in 2003 gained some interest, but he’s looking for 2006 to be bigger.

One of the first blogs to mention the day, Jewlicious, featured an extract from the student.

“… in 2003 we created Yarmulke Day. Yarmulke Day is on the day before Winter Break when students of all races and religions wear Yarmulkes or Yamikas it sounds better. It all started when teachers waved the no hat policy for those Santa hats so I thought well then I want to wear a hat to. This year in New Paltz/The World Yarmilka day is December 22nd. The best part of this is Yarmulke are not considered Holy items like a Torah, and legally they can’t tell you to take it off. So show some support and add this profile to your top friends list! I am not sure how you want to look at this holiday, its ether school rebellion or a peace statement or both Thanks.”

Dan T is looking for not just non-Jews as well as Jews to wear something on their head, but is also inviting women to take part.

On his FAQ, he has the question: Can girls wear yarmulkes? His answer: Yes….it is 2006!!!

So go on, join in the fun, even President George Bush is known to whip out a kosher head covering from time to time.


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