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  • Second Temple

    This article contains a video.

    Virtual view of the Second Temple

    Catch a fascinating ariel tour of the Second Temple as built by King Herod in Jerusalem.

  • The Duggars in London enroute to Israel via El Al

    Reality TV stars The Duggars hit the Holy Land

    They’ve become huge small screen stars in the US thanks to a reality show in which they star with their 19 children.

    And now the Duggars – famous for their massive brood as well as their clean-cut Christian values – have stepped outside the US for a visit to Israel.

    The family – headed by mum and dad Michelle and Jim Bob – headed to the Holy Land and following a trip to London, flying with El Al via Heathrow Airport.

  • Spencer Tunick at the Dead Sea

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    1000 nudes gather at the Dead Sea

    American-Jewish photographer Spencer Tunick takes to the Dead Sea in Israel with more than 1000 naked people. THe shoot was part of a campaign to raise awareness of the environmental impact made on the Dead Sea and also to get it recognised as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.


  • Spencer Tunick Nude Dead Sea

    Nudes on the loose in Dead Sea

    Photographer Spencer Tunick – who has found fame for his nude group shots in famous global landmarks – has undertaken one of his most ambitious projects yet, photographing a gathering of 1,000 naked volunteers at the Dead Sea as part of a project to get the landmark phenomena recognised as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.

  • Vacation rental in Jerusalem with Wimdu

    Save on high holiday prices in Israel

    Looking to stay in Israel during the major Yom Tovim but fed up with having to face expensive high hotel prices and rip off apartment rentals, there’s now an alternative – book direct with owners of properties direct.

    International travel website Wimdu has scores of Israeli properties which can pre-booked from one night onwards and which are offered at a fraction of the cost you would expect.