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Phoenix Only Pizza Experience Left Him Ill For Days

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Phoenix Only Pizza Experience Left Him Ill For Days

Published on November 14, 2007 with No Comments

Lifelong vegan Joaquin Phoenix once ate a pizza and threw up for two days straight.

The Oscar-nominated actor was raised to avoid meat and dairy products, but as a boy found himself unable to resist the temptation of a pizza.

And Phoenix’s reaction was so strong, he has never eaten the food again.

“I don’t try to impose my views on anyone else, and I can simply say I feel it’s right for me,” he says. “Of course, I’ve had slips. When I was about 12 I stayed with a friend in San Diego. They got pizza, and I was like, ‘I’m having some motherf**king pizza.’ I ate two slices and vomited for two days.”

He added: “I’m strange in that I crave salads and vegetables. I’ve never really had a sweet tooth, and I don’t particularly like foods that are too rich. I’m a parent’s dream.”


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