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Jeremy Piven Branded Schnorer

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Jeremy Piven Branded Schnorer

Published on March 27, 2007 with 4 Comments

Jeremy PivenEntourage star Jeremy Piven has┬áreportedly been banned from America’s Nobu restaurants after paying a waiter’s tip with a DVD.

The Old School star was dining at celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurant in Aspen, Colorado during the recent US Comedy Arts Festival.

When the bill came, Piven paid up and left the waiter a copy of his Entourage DVD as a tip. The outraged server threw the DVD at the celebrity diner.

“He (Piven) came in with a large group of 12 or more without reservations and asked for a table,” told New York’s Daily News. “It was a very busy night, but a table, although cramped, was provided. On his way out, he made a nasty comment to the manager: ‘Thanks for nothing.”

The actor was later advised to steer clear of all Nobu restaurants.

But Piven is playing down the incident in Aspen: “I’m such a fan of Nobu and all of his restaurants. I had a great dinner at the Nobu in Aspen. As always, the meal was excellent and the service was great.”


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  1. Inexcusable. The only option is to send a 100% tip to the server with an apology for his behavior. However, despite the provocation, the server should at the least be written up for throwing the DVD at the customer. Not that I don’t sympathize with the reaction, but it is completely unprofessional.

  2. Let him dine at Nobu restaurants… just serve him cat poo, 8th-rate wanker actor.

  3. One would think that Nobu would have added 15% grat. automaticalllly
    for such a large party as is the standard industry practice.
    Was Mr.Piven expected to tip even more because he is a

  4. I agree with Jimmy James! Look at the exhausting list of restaurants who proudly proclaim “….actor (actress) ate here”!. Even if not advertised as such, word of mouth will attract customers (such and such celebrities dine here. Many proudly display a picture of the celebrity on their wall(s). It is the choice of the restaurant whether or not to accommodate a request. For a waiter to act in such an outrageous manner is inexcusable! Any establishment that would condone that type of behavior from a staff member should not be in a public service enterprise.

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