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Digging Up Houdini

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Digging Up Houdini

Published on March 23, 2007 with 1 Comment

The great nephew of Harry Houdini wants the legendary Jewish illusionist’s body to be exhumed – 81 years after he died – so it can be established if he was murdered.

Houdini died on Hallowe’en in 1926 at the age of 52, supposedly after receiving a punch to the stomach that ruptured his appendix.

No autopsy was performed and rumours have persisted that he was murdered. Now his family want to discover if he was actually poisoned by enemies for exposing their false claims to be able to make contact with the dead.

Houdini’s great nephew George Hardenn will head a press conference today, where details of the plans will be made clear.

“It needs to be looked at. His death shocked the entire nation, if not the world. Now, maybe it’s time to take a second look,” he says.

If the plans are approved, Houdini’s remains will be exhumed from his grave in Queens, New York and examined by a team of top forensic scientists.


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  1. Check out: Houdini Lives! by New England writer, Al Blanchard & magician/filmmaker Adam Steinfeld. This novel if fiction is turning into reality.

    Houdini Lives! a novel
    A Supernatural Thriller

    by Al Blanchard & Adam Steinfeld
    copyright 20004, 2006

    It’s 1966, and world famous magician, escape artist, Harry Houdini, did not die 40 years ago as people thought. He’s has been in hiding from his political enemies and is planning a dramatic comeback. Who are these enemies from the 1920′s, and why are they still trying to kill him? Can Stanford, the young, hip, up-and-coming magician, and his sultry assistant, Solea, save his life? A magician creates a world of wonder and asks people to believe in that world. It is the highest form of entertainment. What is Houdini’s secret identity? Will this be his final illusion? Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for a tall tale of murder, mystery, romance, and political drama. Houdini lives or dies is only a matter of time.


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