Britney Wears Star Of David Back Of Her Neck

Written by Rachel Weisbach. Posted in Showbiz

Britney Wears Star Of David Back Of Her Neck

Published on February 17, 2007 with 5 Comments

BritneyEven though Britney Spears may have broken up with Jewish model Isaac Cohen after less than a month of going out together, she’s still wearing the Star Of David necklace he is said to have given her.

But, Britney seems to have forgotten that the Star Of David is meant to be worn on the front of the body and not on the back as video footage of her shows.

The Toxic star who recently shaved all her hair, was spotted with the wrongly placed necklace when she visited a tattoo parlour.

“I’ve never seen a Star Of David worn like this,” said one onlooker. “Everyone was shocked to see Britney enter the store looking like this.”


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  1. She appears to literally turning her back on Judaism by getting tattoos, one of which is a pink cross.

  2. Your the expert dumbshit.

  3. I think you need an anatomy lesson, although the necklace is worn around the neck, Britney is wearing it backwards so the actual pendent is clearly located between her shoulder blades constituting her back.
    In essence the title of this article should be “Britney Wears Star Of David On Her Back” OR “Britney Wears Star Of David Backwards”.

  4. Why is this blog reporting on this retard? She’s not Jewish, regardless of how much Jew she’s had in her!

  5. Yeah… really? heh.

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