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Rafaeli Says: “I Don’t Believe In Marriage”

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Rafaeli Says: “I Don’t Believe In Marriage”

Published on June 09, 2007 with 1 Comment

Leonardo DiCaprio’s supermodel girlfriend has put an end to speculation the couple plan to wed, by claiming she doesn’t believe in marriage.

Israeli beauty Bar Rafaeli, who has been dating the Titanic star for over a year, also reveals she isn’t pregnant, despite reports to the contrary.

“The truth is I don’t believe in marriage,” she told Italian Vogue magazine. “A couple doesn’t need a contract.”

Rafaeli herself was previously married when she was 18 to a man double her age and did not serve in the Israeli army.


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  1. Oh brother, the only reason Bar “doesn’t believe in marriage” is because Leo won’t marry her. He didn’t marry Gisele after half a decade of dating, and judging by recent reports of Leo’s flirtatous behavior with several women, is nowhere close to making a committment to Bar.
    Make no mistake Bar would jump at the chance to marry Leo if he asked her tommorrow. These comments might reflect her current failing relationship with Leo or to act like she doesn’t care if Leo doesn’t marry her. I don’t believe a word of it.
    Bar’s first marriage was a sham to get her out of the military. The Israeli goverment should prosecute her for this. Other Israeli citizens have been prosecuted for evading the draft why shouldn’t Bar? Just because she’s rich model and dating a famous actor shouldn’t put her above the law.

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