Currie On Being A Mother

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Currie On Being A Mother

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Edwina CurrieA new DVD that chronicles Jewish mothers in the UK is to be shown across the country as part of a permanent exhibition as well as touring.

The DVD features 50 Jewish women from various backgrounds and affiliations to Judaism from religious to secular and from famous to unknowns.

Made with Heritage Lottery Money, among the many women featured are actress Maureen Lipman and former politician Edwina Currie.

Currie, 60, who had a four year affair with former Prime Minister John Major, is now an author and TV personality who has recently become a grandmother.

Her daughter Debbie, who also in the 1990s tried to make a name for herself as a celebrity gave birth to a girl, Zoe earlier this year.

“I’ve got 8 step grandchildren and this is the first of mine,” she told BBC’s religion show Heaven & Earth.

She also revealed that while never a “Jewish mother”, she is fast becoming a Jewish grandmother.

“I was never a Jewish mother, as I was concentrating on my career,” she said.  And when she married outside the faith, her father took it very hard. “He reacted against it. He said if I married her dad (Debbie) he wouldn’t have anything to do with me. My dad never spoke to me again and never saw his children or grand children.”

Debbie Currie says she didn’t lose out. “It was his loss, he missed out on my sister and myself.”

Currie senior says the DVD set out to discover some truths. “Is there a stereotype of a Jewish mother?  What they discovered that unites all of us is we were anxious about being Jewish, or live in a Jewish community. We felt surprised if we done well, we felt we didn’t get encouragement from our mothers.”

But one part of being Jewish stays the same, always making sure you have food with you when you travel.

“I can remember my mother telling me to take something with me when I travelled. Now my daughter is doing it to me,” she says.

Despite a Jewish background, it’s not something that Currie has passed on to either of her two daughters.

“My sister and I went to a Church of England boarding schools, I follow no organised religion, but my sister continues to go to church every week.”


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