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Clash On Geller’s New TV Show

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Clash On Geller’s New TV Show

Published on November 02, 2007 with No Comments

A Halloween night episode of US reality series Phenomenon turned scary when show judge Criss Angel was attacked by a disgruntled contestant and fellow judge Uri Geller had to step in to prevent a nasty hight.

Wannabe illusionist Jim Callahan took offence to Angel’s criticisms after he performed a mindbending trick during the live taping of the show and “went after” the Mind Freak star, according to witnesses.

One bystander tells US news show Access Hollywood: “Criss jumped out of his chair and was ready to battle it out.”

One insider reveals Callahan became upset when Angel called his act “comical” and then challenged the wannabe and fellow judge, professional mindbender Uri Geller to guess what was in an envelope he retrieved from his jacket pocket.

Angel said: “I will give you a million dollars of my personal money right now if either one of you can tell me specific details of what’s in here right now.”

Angry Callahan fumed: “I’ll tell you what I will tell you. I find you an ideological bigot,” before stepping towards Angel.

Geller and show host Tim Vincent had to step in between the two men to prevent them from coming to blows.

Producers then cut to a commercial break as security stepped in to break up the fight.


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