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Winehouse Says Weight Help “Waste Of Time”

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Winehouse Says Weight Help “Waste Of Time”

Published on February 08, 2007 with 1 Comment

Amy WinehouseBritish spongstress Amy Winehouse has refused to seek help for her dramatic weight loss, and insists getting professional advice for her problem is a “waste of time”.

The Frank hitmaker – who used to sport a fuller figure – has been the subject of much criticism over her slender seven stone (44.5 kilogram) frame, but is adamant she can sort her own lifestyle out without having to see a health advisor.

“Someone tried to get me into a weight rehabilitation thing, but I’m the kind of person who can do it by myself. I’m not in denial; I knew I had a problem, but it got to the point where it was like, ‘We want you to eat three solid meals a day,’ and I was like, No girl under the age of 30 eats three meals a day. Girls eat two meals a day,” she says.

“(The doctor) was another one who kept going on about addiction problems and I was just like, ‘Aw mate, I can’t.’ The thing with people like that (is) they don’t have music in their lives, so they don’t have an outlet. It’s boring. They’re wasting their own time, let alone mine.”


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  1. I used to live near Amy so would see her around regularly and I must say that I found her weight loss startling to say the least. It is all well and good for a pop star like Ms Winehouse to bemoan the “three meals a day” thing – popstars don’t usually surface until 2 in the afternoon, so obviously, they wouldn’t have the need for breakfast etc. And to remark that therapy is a waste of time is ridiculous. She should take some responsibility for her young and impressionable fans, it is difficult enough to persuade these girls with eating disorders to seek help as it is, without the famous making remarks like this. I thought Amy Winehouse was more intelligent than that. She ought to reconsider – not for her own personal circumstances, but for how her remarks could have a negative influence on others who are not in such a fortunate position as her.

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