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The Jewish George Michael Revealed

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The Jewish George Michael Revealed

Published on January 06, 2007 with 9 Comments

George MichaelIs George Michael Jewish?  Surely, it was his Wham bandmate Andrew  Ridgley who was the Jewish guy?

For nearly 20 years this debate has gone on in the Jewish community, but no one has ever managed to ask the question that was on everyone’s lips.

Until last year.

At a special London screening of George Michael’s documentary, A Different Story, which Michael attended, I spent a few minutes with the former Wham star and asked about Ridgley’s Jewish background for a story I was planning to write. Michael then pointed out: “You’ve got that wrong guy, Andrew is not Jewish, I’m Jewish.”

So for a few minutes, Michael than started to explain more about how his mother Lesley and her family, were Jewish and felt they had to keep it quiet especially after what happened with World War II and that one day he would like to explore more of his Jewish roots.


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  1. So George’s mother is jewish?..then George is Jewish too!!! So why his wearing cross instead of David star!!???

  2. Because *he* is not jewish, but he’s got a jewish *background*. Now, he has said he believes in God, but , as far as I know, he’s never given more details about that.

  3. Jew by ethnicity doesn’t necessarily translate to Jew by faith.

  4. Gay, Jewish & Notoriously Famous – 2007 hip?

  5. George Michael’s father is actually Greekcypriot, which means that George is a Greek Orthodoxm.

  6. i think greek its better than jewish; he should stick to his dad’s roots.

  7. I think he should stick to being Greek.

  8. You guys must not have listened to enough of his songs.
    How many of them does he mention “Holy Father” or “Mother Mary”? Clearly not Jewish.
    Zilfman seems to have gotten it right about being Greek Orthodox..

  9. If George’s mother is Jewish, then, of course, by Jewish law, he is also Jewish…of course you have to believe in Jewish law for that to matter…

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