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Ronson Says Stone Is “Really Annoying”

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Ronson Says Stone Is “Really Annoying”

Published on April 06, 2007 with 2 Comments

Mark RonsonMega┬áproducer Mark Ronson has slammed fellow Brit Joss Stone as “really annoying” after the singer wrote a 7,000 word thankyou list in the sleevenotes for her new album.

Ronson – who has worked with Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen – was left stunned by Stone’s gushing credit list.

“Those Joss Stone sleevenotes, man. I’ve been around white singers who’ve been told they’re soulful since a young age and they feel they have carte blanche to be ‘I’m a down groovy soul chick’ – this really annoying attitude that permeates everything,” he says. “Part of me thinks, ‘Well, she’s 19, I did so many stupid things when I was 19,’ but she’s being rammed down my throat, so I’m allowed to have an opinion.”


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  1. Joss IS annoying. I really thought Amy Winehouse was a daft slag, but Joss takes the cake.

  2. are you kidding mee?? it reli sux when 2 ppl you like in the music industry dont like
    eachother…Joss is AMAZING and mark is pretty awsome!! so what she has lots
    of ppl to thank…that just means shes nice not annoying!!

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