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Amy Winehouse: Why She Loves Her Tattoos

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Amy Winehouse: Why She Loves Her Tattoos

Published on January 22, 2007 with 4 Comments

Amy WinehouseBritish jazz songstress Amy Winehouse loves getting new tattoos because they stop her from getting bored.

The Back To Black singer, 25, hates looking at herself in the mirror every day and seeing exactly the same reflection.

“I like looking at pretty pictures. I get bored looking in the mirror and seeing the same thing,” she says. “So I just keep getting more and more.”

Winehouse’s body art includes several pictures of naked women.


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  1. Can we move on from Amy, please? Every time she wipes her ass, she gets an article. There are other sisters out there!

  2. i really agree with paul. this site is awesome, but it probably has more amy winehouse news than her own site.

  3. The problem is that she actually is fuckin’ great. Fantastic singer, and an incredible looker (tho the recent anorexia did not serve her well). Another in the long series of transgressive Jewish artists.

    Besides, there’s only a few articles on her in here. It’s just that nobody knows her in the States (hell, I just found out about her myself). Apparently the UK press really _does_ cover all of her asswipes.

  4. Whoops! This is a UK site! Sorry. Didn’t realize they had JDate (in ads) over there too.

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