Amy Winehouse Gets Sick At G.A.Y Gig

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Amy Winehouse Gets Sick At G.A.Y Gig

Published on January 08, 2007 with 2 Comments

Amy WinehouseEnglish jazz singer Amy Winehouse shocked a gay audience at a London gig on Saturday night when she ran offstage mid-performance to be sick.

The Rehab star managed just one song at popular club night G.A.Y at the British capital’s Astoria venue before she clutched her stomach and swiftly left the stage.

And, according to British tabloids, Winehouse had spent the day boozing with her showbiz pal Kelly Osbourne.

According to The Daily Record, G.A.Y promoter Jeremy Joseph tried to calm the crowd by saying Amy was ill with food poisoning but none of them would have it.

One audience member told The Sun: “The organiser came out and said Amy was throwing up and to bear with her. But she never came back. Everyone was booing.”


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  1. Damn quit hatin’!!!!! Is dat all yall do? If I was Winehouse and I had to put up with all this shit , hell, I’d be “boozed up” too! She’s doin a GREAT job and she should keep it up.

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