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50 Cent Producer Found Dead

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50 Cent Producer Found Dead

Published on January 24, 2007 with 2 Comments

David 'Disco D' Shayman50 Cent producer David ‘Disco D’ Shayman committed suicide yesterday morning. He was 27.

Shayman, who collaborated with 50 Cent on the rapper’s The Massacre album, was found in his New York home.

As well as 50 Cent, Shayman, who was born in St Louis, worked with other artists including Kevin Federline and also wrote music for TV shows.

He had reportedly been suffering from manic depression and was diagnosed as bipolar.

Shayman’s break came when a CD of his beats was passed to G-Unit’s Sha Money XL, who handed it to 50 Cent. His music formed the backbone of 50 Cent’s Sky Mask Way track, MTV reported.


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  1. 50 Cent’s Ski Mask Way

  2. another very sad day for bippolar artists and also ordinary bipolar people. Until this illness is treated as all other illnesses and those that have symptooms get help easily and as quickly as they would for the common clod or any other illness, trajic and unnessary deaths will continue.

    Bring this illness out into the open so people can see that is it nothing to be ashamed of. Many bright, intelligent inicredibly creative people suffer from its raveges. Let every one become aware of the signs and symptomes and try to get those aflicted help before one more unnecessary death occurs.

    I am a successful lawyer, publisher, and editor and single mother of 56 years and I have suffered from the torment & stigma of bipolar illness all my life only being diagnosed and treated since 45 years of age.. I know whereof I speak.

    Ann Lancaster

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