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Weinstrein Willing To Forgive Anti-Semite Gibson

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Weinstrein Willing To Forgive Anti-Semite Gibson

Published on February 13, 2007 with 2 Comments

Harvey WeinsteinMovie mogul Harvey Weinstein is willing to forgive Mel Gibson – but only on the condition he no longer harbours any racist beliefs.

Gibson insulted Jews across the world last year after making a drunken anti-Semitic outburst. However, Weinstein admits he would be prepared to work with the actor-turned-director in future if he has changed his ways.

“I know Mel, and he’s basically a good guy,”¬†Weinstein says. “The Passion Of The Christ is very tough on Jews, and I didn’t hold back from telling him so – but he says I’m wrong about that.

“Before producing a film for Mel, I would have a very serious discussion with him, so that I could be absolutely certain that he has changed. If someone is against blacks, Jews or Arabs, even if their hands were filled with gold, I would, in principle, never work with them.”


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    Domestic Total as of Feb. 11, 2007: $50,612,000

    Foreign Total as of Feb. 12, 2007:

    Funny how money can change someones mind about you. Didn’t
    think Mel could do it again did you?

  2. That is exactly what i was thinking when i saw this. That is so funny! I love Gibson’s
    films so i don’t care why he was forgiven; Just as long as he can make more movies,
    now with the approval of the allmighty Weinstein (the last part is obviosly sarcasm).
    106 million can cure anything.

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