Sacha Baron Cohen Talks About Sacha Baron Cohen

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Sacha Baron Cohen Talks About Sacha Baron Cohen

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Sacha Baron Cohen as BoratInterviews with Sacha Baron Cohen talking about himself are rare and Rolling Stone has one of the most revealing interviews that Baron Cohen has done where he talks about his Jewish background as well as his yiddishe mama.

The magazine, which goes on sale at the end of the month provides a revealing insight into the 35-year-old former Habonim youth member.

Over a meal with Rolling Stone, Baron Cohen questions what is in the appetizer that is served to him.

“What is this?” he asks.

“Ceviche,” the waiter answers.

“No, what’s in it?” he asks.

“Coconut, fish, yuzu, pomegranate.” the waiter responds.

Baron Cohen continues to grill the waiter: “What kind of fish?”

With his Borat movie, Baron Cohen reveals what part of the message is: “I think part of the movie shows the absurdity of holding any form of racial prejudice, whether it’s hatred of African-Americans or of Jews.”

According to Baron Cohen, his 91-year-old maternal grandmother who lives in Israel went to a special midnight screen in Haifa and then picked up the phone at 4am to tell him how much she enjoyed it.

And Baron Cohen reveals that his Cambridge Uni days play a part in what he does.

“I remember, when I was in university I studied history, and there was this one major historian of the Third Reich, Ian Kershaw. And his quote was, ‘The path to Auschwitz was paved with indifference.’ I know it’s not very funny being a comedian talking about the Holocaust, but I think it’s an interesting idea that not everyone in Germany had to be a raving anti-Semite. They just had to be apathetic.”


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