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Gordon-Levitt Used Pearl Jam To Get Into Role

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Gordon-Levitt Used Pearl Jam To Get Into Role

Published on April 16, 2007 with No Comments

Former child star Joseph Gordon-Levitt used the music of Pearl Jam to find his dark new movie character.

The former 3rd Rock From The Sun star plays a mentally disabled character caught up with a group of thugs in thriller The Lookout, and he used the music of one of his favourite groups to prepare for tough scenes.

“Music was a big part of figuring out who the character was for me, and movie sets are these logistical nightmares, where there is so much distracting stuff going on. I have to put in some music just to keep focused,” he says. “I always design an arsenal of songs to go with every character I play, and I had never done it before with only picking one band.”

He added: “For some reason, just because the character’s mind goes in circles, Pearl Jam (seemed appropriate). Having one voice in my head the whole three months we were shooting worked, and that voice was Eddie Vedder.”


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