Daniel Radcliffe Reveals He Is A Jewish Wizard While In Oz

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Daniel Radcliffe Reveals He Is A Jewish Wizard While In Oz

Published on December 22, 2006 with 14 Comments

Daniel Radcliffe on TVHarry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he is a trainee Jewish wizard.

The 17-year-old told Australian TV channel Nine that while he has a Jewish connection, he does not follow a religion.

Radcliffe’s mother is casting director Marcia Gresham, while his grandmother is Patricia Jacobson.

“My mum was of Jewish blood and my dad was protestant,” he said.

He then proceeded to reveal further details of his family background. “So I grew up in a very,” and then changed track to talk about religion in general. “I’m very interested in religion as something to study. But I’m not a religious person in the slightest.”

Click below to watch Daniel Radcliffe talk about his Jewish background:

YouTube Preview Image

When asked has playing Harry Potter turned him over to the dark side, Radcliffe laughed. “I don’t think I’m a sinner, I don’t think I’ll be condemned.”


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  1. Awesome!

    I guess Mel Gibson won’t be thinking of him for future projects.

  2. I just can’t believe this. I can’t find words.Is he a jew?

  3. Until traditional Jewish law, yes, he is a Jew.

    Otherwise he is half Jewish.

    Either way…

  4. My mother is of Jewish descent also.

  5. He is not jewish.
    He only said that his parents are religious.
    That isnt a crime.
    But he didnt said that he is.
    So be cool.
    And if he would be a jewish he wouldnt be an other person.
    He would be still Dan^^

  6. I’m jewish and I’m very proud that Dan is too…
    It’s true that according to the Jewish law if his mom jewish
    so is he. But I don’t think he feels like a Jew…does he
    celebrate Hanukkah and all the Jewish holidays?
    I don’t think so…I think he celebrates Christmas….
    well Merry christmas to him and a happy new year…
    I love you Daniel! =]

  7. Jewishness is an ethnicity too, “Stella”, so yes, he is Jewish

  8. I don’t understand why its such a big deal. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) and I respect all relgions. It dosn’t matter what religion he is. He’s still a good actor and you don’t judge people for what they believe. If he’s a Jew, more power to him! If he’s not, that’s ok too. I hate how our world is such a racial world. We’re all so closed minded and arrogent! I know how a lot of people have no respect for the Jewish people. Maybe if he was Jewish then that would command a litte more respect for that religion. Besides in my religion we love people for who they are, not for how the look or what they believe!

  9. I love harry potter! and i’m so excited that he’s jewish [i'm jewish too]
    I was really suprised when I read that he was jewish.
    he should learn more about the religion.
    I also cant wait till the 5th movie comes out!

  10. does it matter if he’s jewish or half jewish or a protestant or a christian?

  11. It wouldn’t matter, but this website is called Jewtastic and therefore talks about things related to Jews.

    If this is true, he needs Aish. Badly. :)

    Oh, and thanks topaz3 for telling us about how Mormons love everyone. That’s really interesting. :)

  12. I’m half jewish, and I’m glad that Daniel is too. But like people have said, it doesn’t matter what religion you are, people should respect you for the person you are inside.

  13. It really doesn’t matter if he is Jewish.

    He is the best actor that I have ever seen.

    Now that’s what really matters.

    Go Dan go!

    I will always support you!

  14. I agree with you Maya Shanalin.He is a jewish who cares he is the

    best actor in the world.And i like his movies very much!

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