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Coen Brothers Import Sugarless Fake Blood From England

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Coen Brothers Import Sugarless Fake Blood From England

Published on November 26, 2007 with No Comments

Filmmaking siblings The Coen Brothers were forced to spend a small fortune shipping specially-designed fake blood from England to their No Country For Old Men set in New Mexico – to keep predators at bay.

The brothers balked when they saw the costs for the blood the costume experts insisted on, but quickly realised the goo had to be something special.

“We had a lot of extras that had to lie around in the baking sun covered with blood on the desert floor essentially for hours at a time,” Joel Coen reveals. “The make-up department was buying this special blood, made in England; make-up blood that was something like $800 a gallon. I wanted to know why they were doing that instead of just mixing food colouring with Karo syrup, which they usually do, and I was told this blood had no sugar in it.”

He added: “This was important because the extras would be lying there for hours and wouldn’t be attacked by creepy bugs and animals that might otherwise be attracted to the sugar.”


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