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Baron Cohen On Playing Borat: “It Was Exhausting”

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Baron Cohen On Playing Borat: “It Was Exhausting”

Published on January 10, 2007 with No Comments

Sacha Baron Cohen as BoratSacha Baron Cohen says playing fictional Kazakh TV reporter Borat took its toll on him, especially during months of filming when he had to constantly stay in character.

The 35-year-old then had to continue the charade while promoting the Borat movie for months on end.

And he refused to wash his gray suit or use deodorant to add to the authenticity.

He explains: “It was exhausting. I had to be that way all day and all night, because even if the tiniest detail had gone awry, it could’ve made them suspicious. I mean, even if I went to the bathroom, I had to make sure I went to the bathroom as Borat.”

Cohen also slams the people who appear in the movie who have filed lawsuits claiming they had been tricked during filming.

“This wasn’t Candid Camera. There were two large cameras in the room,” he added. “I don’t buy the argument that, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t have acted so racist or anti-Semitic if I’d known this film was being shown in America.’ That’s no excuse.”


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