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Pope UnHappy Over Bob Dylan Concert

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Pope UnHappy Over Bob Dylan Concert

Published on March 08, 2007 with 2 Comments

Bob DylanPope Benedict XVI has criticised his late predecessor Pope John Paul II’s decision to share the stage with American rocker Bob Dylan.

The current pontiff, who took over as head of the Roman Catholic Church following John Paul II’s death in 2005, believes rock music is the work of Satan and cancelled the annual Christmas pop concert at The Vatican last year.

Benedict XVI was one of John Paul II’s closest aides during his time as Pope and was concerned when John Paul II appeared on the same platform as Dylan during a 1997 concert in Bologna, Italy.

Dylan sang Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall and Forever Young at the concert.

In Benedict XVI’s new book John Paul II, My Beloved Predecessor, the current Pope writes: “There was a reason to be skeptical and I was. Indeed in a certain sense I still am today. I have doubts to this day whether it was right to let this kind of so-called prophet take the stage (in front of John Paul II).”


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  1. First of all I myself am not Jewish but I thought it was ironic
    that a former member of Hitler Youth wanted to prevent a
    Jew, Bob Dylan from singing for the Pope even though
    Bob in his Christian phase produce three of the most articulate
    Christian rock albums of all time. This Pope is a disgrace
    and its hard to believe there are no remnants of
    Anti-Semitism from his youthful brainwashed days.
    Lets all take 100 steps backwards!

  2. Pope Benedict certainly is a disgrace to the title of Pope. First of all I agree that it seems odd that he seems to have a vendetta against Dylan for his songs. He calls Dylan a “False Prophet:” how in the name of God could he be considered a false prophet? In all three of the songs he sang never once did he claim he was privet to any knowledge of divinity. The first was a song written for a soundtrack to a western about Billy the Kid, the next was written in relation to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the third was written to his children in relation to Plato’s “Symposium.” The only lyric I can pull from these songs is in the last where Dylan says: “May God bless and keep you always…” How is that claiming himself a prophet? With that logic anyone who replies to a sneeze with the famous cliché “God Bless You” must also be considered a “false prophet.” Benedict needs to stop being a vicious anti-Semite or stop being the leader of the Catholic Church. It’s fun that the U.S. currently has a retarded President and the Catholics currently have a retarded Pope… coincidence?

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