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Dominating Winemaker

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Dominating Winemaker

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Susan WinemakerHaving left her native Canada for London, Susan Winemaker started off as a chef but ended up becoming Mistress Anna, a dominatrix with a salary said to exceed six figures.

Having learnt aspects of the domination trade from another Jewish woman, Winemaker became someone her high flying clients could trust.

In a her book, Concertina, The Life And Loves Of A Dominatrix (Simon & Schuster), Winemaker reveals what made her enter the role of a dominatrix and details her various clients and the emotional result of the encounters.

In one chapter she says: “It’s 11:25 a.m. and I’m sitting on and suffocating Bernie. Bernie is single, Jewish, and well preserved for his late forties. He has a small, pointed head, beady, scrutinising eyes, and a very stressed brow. I’m suffocating Bernie but I’m not a sadist. When it comes to pleasure, I think giving it is the greatest source of power.”

Over a period of five years, Winemaker details the issues she encountered from dealing with requests of clients who wanted to be subjected to pain through to falling in love with one of them.

Winemaker says there are some interesting parallels between being a chef and a dominatrix. “There are so many connections between cooking and domination, only, I didn’t know it when I first got into domination. But now I’ll just list a few: focus, timing, discipline, and precision; both trades require the acquisition of skill and technique; the manipulation of ingredients; improvisation and artistry; intense, passionate, mainly male work environments; the varied textures and tastes, and smells; sensual indulgence, the service of pleasure, catering to appetite; power and submission….”

Clearly, Winemaker couldn’t see herself dishing out pain and humiliation to her clients long term.

She revealed: “Domination became a job like any other; repetitive, sometimes boring. Helping men orgasm isn’t going to heal the planet, nor will it offer me infinite opportunity for growth and expansion.”


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