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  • mitzvah_day

    Making a difference with a mitzvah

    More than 25,000 people across the globe and covering 20 countries have volunteered to help others on the annual Mitzvah Day.

    The Jewish community inititiave which has now been running for several years involves not just members from the Jewish community but also other faith communities who wish to be involved in te valuable work the day highlights.

  • Blowing a shofar

    This article contains a video.

    How to blow a shofar

    Rabbi Raps shows how to blow a shofar.

  • Nick Clegg

    Deputy PM wishes Jews a happy and sweet new year

    Britain’s deputy prime minster and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg is has wished British Jews a happy new year.

    In his personal message., Clegg said: “There is so much we can learn from the Jewish community here in the United Kingdom. A people with a rich cultural history and religious traditions spanning back hundreds of years. A people whose achievements have made such a significant contribution to all aspects of British economic, cultural and social life. And whose core values such as tikkun olam – charity, or literally ‘repairing the world’ – bring benefits which reach far beyond the Jewish community.”

  • Gellar Blamed For Pagan Rise

    Gellar Blamed For Pagan Rise

    Sarah Michelle GellarHollywood actress Sarah Michelle Gellar’s hit show Buffy The Vampire Slayer has been blamed for 50,000 women abandoning traditional Western religion to study paganism.

    According to the recent British study published in Women and Religion in the West, young women have taken an increased interest in practising witchcraft after Gellar’s hit U.S. TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit the mainstream.

  • Dylan Marks Yom Kippur In Atlanta

    Dylan Marks Yom Kippur In Atlanta

    Bob DylanBob Dylan returned to his Jewish roots at the weekend when he attended services for Yom Kippur in Atlanta, Georgia.

    The folk rocker was a special guest at Chabad-Lubavitch of Georgia, where he was called up by his Hebrew name Zushe ben Avraham.

    Rolling Stone magazine reports: “Dylan stayed for the duration of the morning services.”

  • Creative Kol Nidre

    Creative Kol Nidre

    Jon VoightEver wondered what Hollywood’s Jewish population gets up to on Kol Nidre? Just the same as everybody else, it would appear – only  they do it at the Creative Arts Temple in Los Angeles. A DVD of the synagogue’s Kol Nidre service is now available free on request from the Temple, and gives an eye-opening insight into religion, Hollywood style.

  • Kol Nidre Live Online

    Kol Nidre Live Online

    yomkippur_jewishtvnetwork.jpgJewish entertainment and information website, is to broadcast online a Kol Nidre service from Los Angeles’ oldest synagogue.

    The service, which will be streamed from Wilshire Boulevard Temple on Friday September 21, is said to be the first time such an event has taken place.