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  • Camp Camp Book Review

    Camp Camp Book Review

    Camp CampThe American summer camp is a legendary experience most US teens and children are put through. 

    From two of the authors of the seminal kitsch classic Barmitzvah Disco, which told the story of coming of age for Jewish kids and a few non-Jewish, now comes Camp Camp, a look at the people who attended summer camps mainly in the 1980s and 1990s and their true life experiences of them.

  • Creative Kol Nidre

    Creative Kol Nidre

    Jon VoightEver wondered what Hollywood’s Jewish population gets up to on Kol Nidre? Just the same as everybody else, it would appear – only  they do it at the Creative Arts Temple in Los Angeles. A DVD of the synagogue’s Kol Nidre service is now available free on request from the Temple, and gives an eye-opening insight into religion, Hollywood style.

  • Sefira Review

    Sefira Review

    Sefira coverThe festival of Pesach also brings with it the counting of the Omer, a sad period in the Jewish calendar. During this time it is generally forbidden to have parties and celebrations involving music, or to listen to any music other than acapella.