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Ad Boss Sir Martin Sorrell Speaks

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Ad Boss Sir Martin Sorrell Speaks

Published on December 21, 2006 with 1 Comment

Sir Martin SorrellAdvertising industry mogul Sir Martin Sorrell has emphasised the importance that big corporations have towards the environment.

Speaking at a Friends of Lubavitch UK Gaon Club breakfast event in central London, the founder and chief executive of marketing communications company WPP said: “Corporate responsibility is not about altruism, it’s about good long-term business sense.”

Addressing an audience of 120 young professional, Sir Martin further spoke about not just environmental issues but also about his global workforce made up of different people from a wide range of backgrounds.

WPP has a workfoce of nearly 100,000 people in over 100 countries and owns a number of leading advertising agencies including JWT.

Sir Martin was the launch speaker for the Gaon Club which has been set up as a social and educational centre to cater for London’s 20-30something young Jews.

A number of other prominent names in business as well as communal leaders will be invited to take part in future events at the club.


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  1. My Observations….

    Sir Sorrell is a true visionary who just has this ability to get things done. I’m intrigued by the fact that his background is a traditional departure from his chosen industry. Accordingly he seems to have a truly objective view of the life-blood of his business…creative.

    With the divergence of information and presentation societies perception and experience with digital content is evolving. In terms of social impact advertising and creative minds behind it have an awesome responsibility. After all how much are our perceptions and realities formed by advertising? In terms of interaction imagine a world where one can access exacting concise information with dimension visually. Now exhale because you’re in it! Affordable readily available technology in the right hands the key driver.

    Educational, Medical, consumer product, geographical (Google earth wow!), and more. Google Earth is an awesome example of how digital content affects our relationship of distance and space. With WPP advancing their digital content capabilities under his leadership he’s doing more than growing the businesses he’s evolving it. Sorrells understanding of positioning digital media capabilities in this digital decade to not only lead the industry winning more and more accounts but also changing the way consumers and business interact with information.

    Visual communication in its Diaspora of forms and since Sorrell is really good at integration wait until he gets the entire company technology infrastructure (tool box) truly digital. Historically all of these behemoths including WPP turn to boutique design studios. WPP and others are focused on synergizing in-house capabilities. He has grown the company to 100,000 people with a strong HR team and strategic team building.

    With several legacy agencies WPP like so many other conglomerates face the challenge of disconnect and lost synergy from differing internal cultures. He seems to be doing a great job of driving his entire enterprises regarding team work and understanding that he has to get this part right or competitive advantage size economy of scale will be lost to waste because people of personalities….
    As he states….
    “Integration is fundamental to the business. There is no point in companies existing unless they get the benefit of their constituent parts. The thing that bedevils us and our clients is the unwillingness of people to work together,” What bedevils us is our inability to work together.”

    With the advances and technology and expansion of our interaction with it across mobile and delivery platforms (iPhone ((SMARTPHONES)), TabletPC, PDA) their collaborative velocity is going to increase revenues. The value comes from the practicality and usefulness of the information in an on demand basis. That’s why the web has exploded.
    WPP has done a great job of growing now can they apply the same philosophy creatively. After all they are “the creative’s” driving our cultural perceptions and experience with information. With the explosion in consumer and business usage of video and it’s ubiquitous nature (YouTube, MySpace, Eveo ((pioneer)) across social and business networks, Video is to our generation what music was to the 60′s.

    Video, info graphics, content, audio, animation interaction all ubiquitously harmoniously working together for the sake of their client’s digital content. All this articulated into the total presentation experience every time. An awesome responsibility. WPP is definitely leading the way in user experience across the advertising spectrum and I’m confident we’ll see them continuing to win new business and grow their multimedia content capabilities to meet these new creative requirements driven by new and converging technologies.

    As long as his creative powerhouse has the tools (computers and software are relatively cheap in comparison to the potential profits) stakeholders and shareholders are going to see increased creative capabilities in terms of intra-agency in-house efficiencies and resources which credit the bottom line and win new business every time!

    From media I have read and word on the street is Sir Martin Sorrell is really leading the company into the future of digital content and evangelizing by example. An inspiring guy with a massive group of talented individuals (the sum) who are evolving consumers and businesses way of experiencing digital content. Refreshing!

    After all what is all of this digital content for 8-)

    Just My Two Cents

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