Articles Posted November 2008

  • Braff Talks About Scrubs Exit

    Braff Talks About Scrubs Exit

    Actor Zach Braff has confirmed his exit from TV comedy Scrubs, confessing he feels free now that he’s quit his role as Dr John ‘JD’ Dorian.

    The news ends long-running rumours he is leaving the hit show, along with creator Bill Lawrence and co-star Judy Reyes, after the series’ eighth season, which premieres in the US in January).

  • Ronson Denies Falling Out With Winehouse

    Ronson Denies Falling Out With Winehouse

    Mark RonsonSuperproducer Mark Ronson has denied he has been caught up in a bitter feud with troubled singer Amy Wineouse.

    Recent tabloid reports have suggested the pair fell out over the scrapped recording of a theme tune to new Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

    But Ronson is adamant that the reports of a spat are untrue – insisting he just hasn’t been able to catch up with the Back to Black hitmaker as he has been spending so much time in the US.

  • Seagal In Reality Show

    Seagal In Reality Show

    Steven SeagalHollywood action man Steven Seagal is to take part in a new reality series which will chronicle his little-known role as a police officer in Louisiana.

    The Under Siege star has been a fully commissioned deputy at the state’s Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office for the last 20 years.

    As well as going out on patrol, Seagal is said to be an expert marksman, working with the force’s SWAT team, and has instructed officers in firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

  • Margulies Turned Down Extra ER

    Margulies Turned Down Extra ER

    Former ER star Julianna Margulies turned down an invitation to reprise her role for the final series of the medical drama – because she doesn’t think her character’s storyline can be improved.

    The star shot to fame as nurse Carol Hathaway when the US series premiered in 1994, but left the hit show after six seasons to pursue other projects.

  • Ne-Yo Joins Tribute To Streisand

    Ne-Yo Joins Tribute To Streisand

    Barbra StreisandNe-Yo has joined a host of stars including Beyonce Knowles who will be pay tribute to Barbra Streisand at the annual Kennedy Center Honors gala in December.

    Knowles will perform Streisand’s The Way We Were and Ne-Yo, who penned Beyonce’s megahit Irreplaceable, will sing another of the music legend’s famous tracks, according to

    Queen Latifah is also rumoured to be in talks to join the performers on the big night.

  • Duchovny Drops Newspaper Lawsuit

    Duchovny Drops Newspaper Lawsuit

    David DuchovnyDavid Duchovny has dropped a $1 million lawsuit against the Daily Mail newspaper for alluding he had an affair, a week after the publication apologised for the story.

    In the October article, the Mail alluded to a possible affair between Duchovny and his coach Edit Pakay.

    The actor immediately denied the report and filed a defamation suit in Los Angeles.

    The publication printed an apology to the star admitting the newspaper’s original story was “inaccurate”.

  • Fisher’s Embarrassing Parents

    Fisher’s Embarrassing Parents

    Actress Carrie Fisher had a string of embarrassing run-ins with her parents when she was younger – because her family called in their celebrity friends to help in her battle with drugs.

    Fisher has publicly spoken of her long-running struggle with a variety of addictions and has now revealed that her parents used their famous pals to keep an eye on her.